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VA College Toolkit

Welcome to the VA College Toolkit! This toolkit provides members of college faculty, staff, and administration with resources to support student Veterans. Over 660,000 Veterans use VA benefits to pay for postsecondary education. VA aims to help institutions of higher education welcome these students by recognizing their service and understanding their unique experiences, adjustments, strengths, and needs.

VITAL Program

The Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) program’s mission is to provide Veterans with world-class health care and improve their overall mental health.

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Info for Veterans

Going to school after serving in the military provides opportunities to Veterans. But sometimes, it can also bring challenges. Explore this section to find resources for student Veterans.

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Info for Faculty & Staff

Faculty members are the most consistent points of contact for student Veterans and are in the best position to notice if a Veteran is facing challenges. Faculty members can help student Veterans in many ways.

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