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  VITAL Program Locator

VITAL Program

Many Veterans enter college and university life directly out of the military. This is a significant life transition, and most people need time to adjust to the new setting, culture, and experiences of campus life. This transition is more difficult for some Veterans than for others. They may need more help with physical or mental health issues or with the practical aspects of transitioning to this new environment. That’s where VITAL can help.

The Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) program strives to enhance academic retention and success through:

  • On-campus clinical care and coordination
  • Improving understanding of Veterans' unique strengths and challenges through education and training delivered to the campus community
  • Collaborating with the local VA medical center, the Veterans Benefits Administration, campus faculty and staff members, and community resources

We understand the unique factors facing student Veterans. Whether you are a Veteran or an active duty service member, or you work at a college, university, or non-profit organization, we encourage you to use our vast array of resources and information.

  VITAL Program Locator

VITAL supports Veterans’ successful integration into college and university campus life through:

  • Promotion of positive cohesion between Veterans and the entire learning community through campus and community clinical education and training

  • Seamless access to VA health care services and on-campus clinical counseling

  • Providing efficient care coordination of all available services

We are here to help. For help with using this toolkit, answers to questions about the VITAL program, or more information on accessing help, please contact

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