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A tug-of-war military training shows both male and female Servicemembers pull a rope together.

Providing Services to Veterans: Paid Services

You can provide services to Veterans in several ways.

There are several ways in which providers can be reimbursed for services provided to Veteran clients. Information about these are provided below.

  • The Veteran Choice Program (VCP) is part of the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 (VACAA). The VCP, which began in the winter of 2014, is a temporary program that supplements PC3 and allows coverage for more services and provides Veterans more flexibility in their choice to receive care in the community or through VA. For example, Veterans can receive care through the VCP if the VA cannot schedule an appointment within 30 days of the Veteran’s preferred date or if they have to travel over 40 miles to get to their closest VA or if it is too difficult to get to a VA (for example, if they have to travel by plane).

    Health Centers or providers may participate in the VCP by either (1) joining Health Net or TriWest PC3 provider networks or (2) by signing a separate VCP provider agreement with Health Net or TriWest.

    Download the fact sheet on how to become a Veteran Choice Act provider

    FAQs about the Veterans Choice Act

    Call the Choice Program Hotline to Get Started: 866-606-8198 FREE

Providing Services to Veterans: Volunteer

An old Veteran with patriotic clothing uses his right hand to touch a memorial wall that is filled with Veterans’ names.

Mental Health Care Volunteer Opportunities at the VA

As a mental health professional, you have a new opportunity to volunteer your time and talents to help our Nation’s Veterans. You will expand your professional network while providing care for our nation's Veterans, a truly important and rewarding cause. You can even earn continuing education credits and maintain clinical hours for licensure. This applies to professionals who meet the existing VA qualification standard.

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