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VITAL Education and Training for Faculty and Staff

Most student Veterans are older than traditional college students, are more likely to be married and have children, and are twice as likely to work off campus. They bring to campus the life experience gained through their military service. We understand that many postsecondary education professionals may not understand the experiences of these Veterans, so we strive to enhance understanding through consultation and liaison services to the campus community. Our purpose is to educate members of the faculty, staff, and administration and students as well about the unique strengths and challenges of student Veterans.

Consultation on Veteran-Specific Needs

  • Promoting Understanding
    Military culture, deployment 101, post-deployment adjustment, and common concerns
  • Increasing Awareness
    Common psychological and physical conditions among Veterans and classroom impact, triggers and warning signs, being mindful of needs in the classroom, and what faculty and staff members can do to help
  • Communicating With VA
    Assistance with communications between VA and college/university staffs about concerns, resources, and student needs

Overcoming Challenges Student Veterans Face in Academic Settings

  • Understand the impact of military experience on performance and retention.
  • Practice classroom etiquette. Learn to express interest and support in a helpful way.
  • Be mindful of other students' interactions.
  • Allow Veterans flexibility.
  • Make allowances for appointments and nonacademic demands.
  • Understand campus accommodations for Veterans.

Did you know?

Many university and college campuses are acknowledging the need for Veterans to have a center or dedicated space to make them feel welcome. We can help consult about Veteran-specific establishments on campus, such as student Veteran centers and Veterans service organization locations, to promote a campus environment that is supportive of student Veterans.

For Schools

Resources for Training and Presentations

Many schools are providing training for the campus community on the experiences of student Veterans. In addition to materials from the broader toolkit, this section provides suggestions and resources for presentations on the student Veteran experience.

Presentation Resources

Including a student Veteran panel brings a personal touch and adds depth to any presentation. Here are some suggestions for putting together a student panel.

Putting Together a Student Panel (Handout)

It may be helpful to have a list of campus and community resources to hand to student Veterans. This is a sample list you can build from.

Know Your Campus Resources (Handout for Students)

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