What Is the VITAL Initiative?
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Ann Arbor VA Medical Center

Brittany Powers, LMSW
Brittany Tyrrell, LMSW
VITAL Case Manager

Cell: 734-548-3452
Email: brittany.tyrrell@va.gov

Baltimore VA Medical Center

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Elizabeth Malouf, Ph.D.
R-VETS Program Coordinator
Staff Psychologist
Trauma Recovery Program

Office: (410) 637-1233
Cell: (443) 206-9203
Email: Malouf, Elizabeth T.
Local VITAL Website

Bedford VA Medical Center

Alisa Bennett

Alisa Bennett
LICSW Program Manager

Phone: (781) 983-2400
Email: Alisa.Bennett@va.gov

Emily K. Kiddy, LICSW

Emily K. Forbes, LICSW
VITAL Social Worker

Email: Emily.Forbes@va.gov
Phone: (781) 825-3913

Oscar Delgado

Donna Marie Crossman, Ph.D.
VITAL Psychologist

Phone:(781) 488-8863
Email: Donna.crossman@va.gov

Katherine Murphy
Nurse Practitioner

Phone: (781) 860-2703

Eric Toussaint

Phone: (781) 879-8687
Email: Eric.Toussaint@va.gov

Dr. Meghan Ahern, PhD
VITAL/Foxtrot Psychologist

Phone: (781) 825-3856

Dr. Martha Praught

Phone: (781) 687-2433
Email: Martha.Praught@va.gov

VA Butler Healthcare

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Amy Stewart, LCSW
TCM Program Manager/VITAL Coordinator

Phone: (878) 271-6120
Email: Amy.stewart4@va.gov

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Dr. Mykal Stanley, PsyD

Phone: (878) 271-6014
Email: Mykal.Stanley@va.gov

Jeremy D. Macaluso

Tim Morrison, MA
Vocational Rehabilitation

Phone: (878) 271-6164
Email: Timothy.Morrison@va.gov

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Amy Kunst, RN, BSN
TCM RN Case Manager

Phone: (878) 271-6119
Email: Amy.Kunst@va.gov

Canandaigua VA Medical Center

Jeremy D. Macaluso

Jeremy D. Macaluso
VITAL Program Manager

Email: Jeremy.Macaluso@va.gov

Jenny Lopez, LMSW

Jenny Lopez, LMSW

  • Veterans Integration To Academic Leadership (VITAL)
  • Tele-Health Social Worker
Phone: (585) 393-8015
Email: Jenny.Lopez@va.gov

Central Texas Health Care System

Jeffrey Moe, LMSW

Jeffrey Moe, LMSW
Student Veteran Outreach Coordinator, VITAL Program

Office: (512) 232-2677

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Rachele Misti, LCSW-S

Office: (254) 654-6580

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Metari Garza, LCSW, CCM
Texas A&M University
Veteran Resource & Support Center
Koldus Student Services Building
Suite 112, TAMU 1251
College Station, TX

Office: (979) 845- 3161

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Seth Miller, LCSW
Baylor University
Sid Richardson
East Wing Basement – 080
Waco, TX

Office: (254) 379-8484

Cheyenne VA Medical Center

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Delia Sosa, PsyD

  • Graduate Psychologist
  • VITAL Program Coordinator

Office: 307-286-1562

Cincinnati VA Medical Center

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Karen Cutright, LISW-S

  • VITAL Program Manager
  • OEF/OIF/OND Program Manager

Phone: (513) 475-6921
Fax: (513) 475-6947
Email: Karen.Cutright@va.gov

Jessica H. Thiede, Psy.D.

Jessica H. Thiede, Psy.D.

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Program Coordinator, VITAL Initiative
  • Consultant/University Liaison
  • OEF/OIF/OND Clinic

Phone: (513) 276-1800
Email: Jessica.Thiede@Va.gov

Connecticut Healthcare System (West Haven Campus)

Morris D. Bell, Ph.D., ABPP

Morris D. Bell, Ph.D., ABPP

  • VITAL Program Director
  • Senior Research Career Scientist Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Rehab R&D
  • Professor Dept. of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine
  • Program Director, NIMH Research Fellowship in Functional Disability Interventions

Phone: (203) 932-5711 Ext 2281
Fax: (203) 937-4735
Email: Morris.Bell@va.gov

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Richard M. Gorman III, M.A.
VITAL Psychometrician

Phone: (203) 932-5711 x 2233
Email: Richard.Gorman@va.gov

Gulf Coast Veterans Healthcare System

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Sherry L. Bishop, LCSW, DCSW
VITAL Coordinator

Phone: (251) 460-6230 (M,T,Th,F) / (251) 219-3900 ext: 33869 (W)
Email: Sherry.Bishop@va.gov

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Leigh Ann Johnson, MSW, LCSW

  • VA Community Mental Health Summit Coordinator
  • Family Services Task Force Chair
Phone:(251) 219-3900 extension 33886

Jesse Brown VA Medical Center (Chicago)

Holly M. Passi, Psy.D.

Holly M. Passi, Psy.D.

  • Clinical Psychologist
  • VITAL Veterans Outreach Program
  • OEF/OIF/OND Post Deployment Clinic

Office: 312-262-8007
Email: Holly.Passi@va.gov

Eric Proescher, Psy.D.

Eric J. Proescher, Psy.D.

  • MH-SERV Psychologist
  • Transition and Care Management (TCM), Alternate Program Manager
  • VITAL Program Manager

Phone: (312) 569-8387 (VETS)
Mobile Phone: (312) 617-6802
Fax: (312) 569-6231
Email: Eric.Proescher2@va.gov

Madison VA Medical Center

Bill Monroe

Bill Monroe, LCSW
VITAL Coordinator

Email: William.monroe2@va.gov / Wmonroe@madisoncollege.edu


James Lickel, Ph.D.

James Lickel, Ph.D.
Psychologist, VITAL provider
Local Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Coordinator

Phone:(608) 256-7084

Sarah Francois, LCSW

Sarah Francois, LCSW
VITAL Program Coordinator

Phone:(608) 280-7084

Marion VA Medical Center

Thomas J. Kadela, Ph.D., LCSW, BCD

Thomas J. Kadela, Ph.D., LCSW, BCD

  • VITAL Program Manager
  • Behavioral Medicine Supervisor - Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Specialty Clinical Programs
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Southern Illinois University - Rehabilitation Institute

Office: 618-997-5311 ext. 54759
Cell: 618-751-9419

Minneapolis VA Medical Center

Brad Foss, LICSW

Bradley Foss, LICSW
VITAL Coordinator

Office: 612-250-9627
Email: Bradley.Foss@va.gov

Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System

Barb Shupe, LCSW

Barb Shupe, LCSW
VITAL Outreach Social Worker
Serving, Lincoln, Columbus, and Omaha regions

Cell: 402-676-4261

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Lori Wardlow, LMSW
VITAL Program Manager/OEF/OIF /OND Program Manager

Phone: 402-489-3802 X6606
Cell: 402-480-1801

Angie Lyon, LCSW

Angie Lyon, LCSW

Cell: 402-206-9437

VA New Jersey Health Care System

Anna Rossi, D.O.

Anna Rossi, D.O.
Chief of Ambulatory Care, Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences

Office: 973-676-1000 x1421/1461
Email: Anna.Rossi@va.gov

Alexander Herzog, LCSW

Alexander Herzog, LCSW
Transition and Care Management (TCM) Program Manager

Office: 973-676-1000 x1720
Email: Alexander.Herzog@va.gov

New York Harbor Healthcare System (Manhattan Campus)

Yvette Branson, PhD

Yvette Branson, PhD
VITAL Coordinator

Phone: 646-772-6087

Orlando VA Medical Center

Mary Beth Shea, Ph.D.

Mary Beth Shea, Ph.D.
VITAL Program Manager and Local Recovery Coordinator

Office: 407-631-2349
Email: Mary.Shea@va.gov

Pacific Islands Health Care System (Hawaii)

Nadine Shigezawa, Ph.D.

Nadine Shigezawa, Ph.D.

  • VITAL Coordinator
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • PTSD Clinical Team-Traumatic Stress Recovery Program

Phone: (808) 433-0672

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Lynn Tokumine, Psy.D .
VITAL Coordinator

Phone:(808) 763-7470

Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center(Charleston)

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D. Charles West, LISW-CP
VITAL Coordinator

Phone: (843) 789-7968 / (843) 806-7371

Reno VA Medical Center

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Christie Lambert, RN, BS/CIS, MSN/MBA/HC

  • Transition and Care Management
  • Air Force Veteran
Office: 775-785-7091
E-mail: Christie.Lambert@va.gov

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Troy Stormoen

  • Veteran Outreach Specialist, Reno Vet Center
  • Alternate VITAL Program Coordinator
  • Army Veteran

Office: 775-323-1294
Cell: 775-770-0665
Fax: 775-322-8123
E-mail: Troy.Stormoen@va.gov

Donald Stockton

Donald Stockton

  • Veteran Outreach Program Specialist
  • Navy Veteran

Office: 775-682-8042
Cell: 775-745-5727
E-mail: Donald.Stockton@va.gov

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Angel Beus, LCSW

Cell: 775-737-1289
E-mail: angel.beus@va.gov

Salt Lake City VA Medical Center

Steven Allen, PhD

Steven Allen, PhD
VITAL and PCT Manager

Office: 801-582-1565 x2390
Email: Steven.Allen@va.gov

D. Aaron Ahern, PhD

D. Aaron Ahern, PhD
VITAL Program Coordinator

VA Cell: 801-828-6787

San Francisco VA Medical Center

Keith Armstrong, LCSW

Keith Armstrong, LCSW

  • VITAL Program Manager
  • Clinical Professor, UCSF Department of Psychiatry
  • Director, San Francisco VA Couples and Family Program
  • Director, San Francisco VA Mental Health Social Work
  • Member, PTSD Program

Office: 415-750-2190
Email: Keith.Armstrong@va.gov

Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center

Lawanda Vanhorn, LGSW

William (Will) Suclupe, LICSW
VITAL Program Manager

Office: 205-348-0983
Cell: 205-242-4548
VA Email: William.Suclupe@va.gov
School Email: vitaloutreach@ua.edu

Walla Walla VA Medical Center

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Christine (Chris) Cauterucio, Psy.D.

  • Psychologist, WW Outpatient Mental Health Services
  • Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) Psychologist
  • Local Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Coordinator
  • PTSD Coordinator
  • Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial VAMC

Phone: (509) 525-5200 Ext. 26941
Cell: (509) 386-5949

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