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Servicemembers carry their bags and line up to get into an airplane in a cold day that snow covers the ground.

Importance of Military Culture & Experience

The Military has a rich and distinct culture, made up of unique values, symbols, and a shared history. Within this culture there are sub-cultures represented by the characteristics of each military branch.

As in other cultural contexts, service in the military can influence a person's values, beliefs, expectations, and behaviors.

While Servicemembers share a culture, their individual experiences can vary tremendously depending upon:

  • Military Branch
  • Time and Place of Service
  • Military Occupation

It is vital that, as a provider, you send the message to your client that you recognize the importance of their military background and have taken the time to better understand military culture.

In this section you will find:

  • Links to video trainings on military culture which can deepen your understanding of this area while also earning continuing education credits (CEUs)
  • Educational handouts on various aspects of military experience including: Military Culture, Deployment and Operational Experiences
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