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A group of Marines fire a mortar round during a mountain attack from a training area.

Why Screen for Military Service?

Military background is not always assessed by clinicians or spontaneously shared by Veteran clients. Asking if your client has served in the military is simple and quick. Knowing your client’s military background can shape your treatment plan and can help you identify appropriate resources and benefits.

Has your client served in the military?

It is important to remember that:

  • Veterans and Servicemembers may not self-identify as such to their providers.

  • Assessing Veteran status should be integrated into the behavioral health screening process.

Screening for military service will:

  • Ensure that Veterans have access to the health care and support services that they have earned.

  • Inform treatment planning.

  • Increase awareness of the extraordinary strengths that Veterans often possess and unique challenges that they may face.

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