What Is the VITAL Initiative?
VITAL Education & Training for Faculty & Staff
A library is filled with students who have different ethnicities.

Most veterans are entering college for the first time or returning after many years away. We understand that concerns may arise from working with Veterans. We strive to reduce stigma by consultation and liaison services to the campus community. Our purpose is to educate faculty, staff, and students about the unique strengths and challenges facing student veterans.

Consultation on Veteran Specific Needs
  • Promote Understanding
    Military culture, deployment 101, post-deployment adjustment, and common concerns

  • Increase Awareness
    Common psychological and physical conditions among Veterans and classroom impact, triggers and warning signs, being mindful of needs in the classroom, and what faculty/staff can do to help

  • Communication with the VA
    Assist with communications between the VA and college/university staff about concerns, resources, and student needs
Overcoming Challenges Student Veterans Face in Academic Setting
  • Understand the Impact on Performance and Retention

  • Classroom Etiquette
    Know how to express interest and support in a helpful way

  • Be mindful of other student’s interactions

  • Allow flexibility

  • Make allowances for appointments and non-academic demands

  • Understand campus accommodations

Did you know?

Many university and college campuses are acknowledging the need for Veterans to have a center or dedicated space to make them feel welcome. We can help consult about Veteran specific establishments on campus such as Student Veteran Centers and Veteran Service Organizations to promote a Veteran supportive campus.

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